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Tu opinión importa: What Makes Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries Better Than Traditional Batteries?



What Makes Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries Better Than Traditional Batteries?


Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries are altering the golf cart world for the higher. We’re breaking down what makes them so great, and why you need to spend a little bit further to get a set in your golf cart.

Here at JB Battery we've been testing and putting in a number of several types of lithium batteries during the last three years. Here is what we realized over our years of testing!

So why convert to lithium? What makes Lithium batteries so much better to be used with golf carts than conventional lead-acid batteries which were used for decades? We will explain why on this quick article, and by the top of it you may be educating (and converting) your whole fellow golf cart buddies to lithium batteries!

Here’s a number of reasons:

- They require no upkeep (no adding water, cleansing corrosion, or checking acid ranges)

- They are dummy proof.

- Full Charge in 2-four hours (vs. eight-10hrs for traditional Lead-Acid batteries)

- They last more (relying on brand, 7-10 years)

- They weigh much less (reduce battery weight of your cart by 300lbs = more efficient cart)

- Lithium-Ion batteries don't lose energy as voltage dips (they don’t get ‘drained’ as they're used)

- They are cheaper over time.

They Require ZERO Maintenance

This is our personal favourite purpose for changing to lithium. Gone are the times of coping with battery mess and corrosion! This is a HUGE selling level for those who use their golf cart commercially (hotels, live performance venues, and so forth.) and for people who wouldn't have the time to at all times be checking on batteries. The switch to lithium means you no longer have to keep up your golf cart batteries. Just charge them, and go!

DUMMY Proof.

Let’s be real. If you’re not acquainted with golf carts or batteries, it could seem fairly overwhelming to know. There are fairly a few methods you have to perceive if your cart has the standard lead acid batteries. However with Lithium, you literally don't have to think. Along with no upkeep, the battery pack we use is specifically designed to work with the electrical system of our carts.

Please notice, hand-crafted techniques and most other manufactures don’t have a BMS( battery administration system ) that communicates with the golf carts controller preventing overcharge or over discharge (draining the battery). This is why we work with a kind of lithium particularly for our golf carts.

Another factor to notice with regard to maintenance is what occurs to your electrical cart if you end up not using it? When you don’t use your conventional Lead-Acid golf cart batteries for 1-month, they'll lose as much as 33% of their cost (substantial)! Meaning in case your cart have been to sit for just some months, it would not work if you went to make use of it again.

Lithium batteries however will only lose 2-3% of their cost per thirty days when not being used. Meaning your cart could sit for a whole year and still have 75% of its battery left.Find an excellent high quality lithium ion battery try the hyperlink , if you curious about purchasing lithium ion batteries at low worth.

Charges FAST.

No want to wait eight-10 hours in your cart to cost fully to take it back out once more. Our lithium batteries charge in 2-four hours from dead to one hundred%. Also, cost the cart as many times as you’d like. Unlike lead acid, it's not going to hurt the battery if the cart is being charged a number of occasions a day.

The lifespan is for much longer

Traditional lead acid batteries will final you many years, heavily depending on use and the way well you care for your batteries. The lithium battery we use will last you 7-10 years. The firm that builds our batteries have been in testing since 2008. The batteries have a lifespan of about three,000 cycles.

They weigh less.

Converting to lithium batteries will reduce the load of the cart making the cart much more efficient! Standard lead acid batteries weigh between 340 lbs to 390 lbs. Lithium weighs wherever between 60 to one hundred forty lbs relying on amperage hour.

Lithium Ion uses one hundred% of the power a hundred% of the time.

Lithium-Ion batteries do not lose power as voltage dips (they don’t get ‘drained’ as they're used). Unlike the standard lead acid batteries that tend to lose power the more the cart is driven. You’ll have full velocity 100% of the time till your battery is drained.
Lead acid batteries solely have 50% of usable power. lithium batteries have one hundred% of usable energy that means a for much longer range!

They are cheaper extra time.

YES! You’ve read that appropriate. We have accomplished the math so you don’t should! If you factor in the cost of replacing batteries each 3-4 years and the cost of electrical energy (time is minimize in half with lithium). Over the span of 10 years you may be paying extra for lead acid batteries than lithium. Plus, what's it value to you to have a battery that offers you no problems?

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