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Started your own cosmetic company- outsourcing private label cosmetic brand

Olehana has engaged in the personal care area for years and holds nice reputation and undeniable quality, reliability and professional relations with industrial suppliers as well as prospects. The huge Knowledge accrued over 20 years of exercise, provides a huge benefit of various expertise in the along with openness and innovation which characterize its follow. These two components as well as striving for excellence and dealing with high quality ingredients and a profitable group, make the company the right answer for customers looking to arrange a personal label series or product nearly wherever on the earth.

Private Label Division

- Our Private Label Division consists of various departments that provide a centered response for each stage of the process.
- From building concepts and deciding the marketing edge.
- Through the event of formulas and building of a sequence of merchandise.
- To art work and packaging design consultancy.
- Applying for and obtaining all relevant approvals and compliance with the necessities of the target countries for advertising and distribution.
- And comprehensive support for transportation and exportation

Olehana personal label cosmetic in offering Private Label services from the get go to the finish line.

Our manufacturing unit production starts from placing the order, with many components available in inventory which allows the development of a series of private label products to realize rapidly and effectively (relying on packaging ordered of course) All according to the customer’s requirements and particular wants.Read more about firm’s structure right here

It is not any coincidence that the scope of export manufacturing in Olehana personal label cosmetic stands on strong ninety eight % ! This is feasible in view of enormous expertise and data of licensing and permits laws and in -depth information of the personal care industry in all its elements. The plant presently exports a diversified range of merchandise to greater than 50 countries in all 5 significant continents often and incessantly.

The attentive care supplied to the purchasers is continuous , from the initial meeting to receipt of sales figures and aspects of effectivity . The administration group and expert workers of the varied divisions achieve to beat any impediment by inventive thinking and an actual willingness to maneuver ahead and supply the client with the very best quality product for profitable results.

Olehana personal label cosmetics is a milestone in personal care, yet remains a warm and private company. The executives personally know all the manufacturing unit employees and keep a relationship of mutual respect for the profitable development within the output of the factory. Customary cooperation between totally different departments staff contribute tremendously to its excellent worldwide popularity.

Are you prepared to start out your own skin care cosmetics business? We present third get together contract manufacturing services in korea. We have been present within the private label cosmetics manufacturers in china, china for the final 20 years.

Almost a quarter of a century Olehana personal label cosmetic brands have been the customized packaging manufacturing associate used and beneficial by nationwide skincare manufacturers. One of a handful of north china producers who supply premium private label and contract manufacturing providers to the professional cosmetic market in all china.for extra information to buying personal label beauty manufacturers, registered right here, the Olehana professional guide that will help you, how are you going to order the non-public label cosmetic model.

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CNC machining  services

CNC machining services

Asia america

Automation is the key to the future and is all around us.we need automation to produce the huge volume of goods demanded globally dute to comstantly growing populations.Asia american industial manufacturing ,inc is a us -owned enterprise,established in 1997.and non metail CNC parts for customers in the industries of automation ,optical communication,medical and autoomotive parts.with more than 20 years of experience in CNC parts machining ,we have accumulated great skills and invaluable expertise in machining from complexe and high precision work pieces.we can handel a variety of special matericals including PEEK, titanium alloys,magnesium alloy and nickel -based alloys. additionally ,we can also provide DFM (design for manufacture )services to customers. our factory is considered to be a modern production faclity fully equipped with a advanced turning centers. milling centers and complete inventory of special tooling and QA equipment.we alse use the advanced ERP bar -code systerm to carry out comprehensive tracking management of raw matericals tools and work pieces 

we utilize multipe CNC machining steps during and production using 4-5 axis CNC lathes .as well as 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machining centers and grinder with the precision accurate to+0.005 mm .because of our high -efficiency .high -precision multi -axis manufacturing and CNC turning and CNC milling machines.we are able to reduce the machining set up time ,shorten the production process and improve product quality .this excellent services providers a total cost -effective solutions to customers demand. in addition ,our great production and service flexibility allows us to always meet customers various needs .we know very well the supreme quality control is crucial soo we conduct rigorous quality tests utilizing the best testing equipemnt .like the 5 aix programmable Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machine (CMM) automatic optics image measureing machine. rockwell hardness tester and other advanced testing equipment. our strict quality assurance department effectively guarantees the product’s high quality before leaving the factory.more over ,we have obtained Iso 9001:2015 management system certification and LATF /TS 16949 ceftification.and establioshed stable long -term business realtionships 

Our general manager Mr Feng who studied industrial automation and graduated in 1983 with this major and 1995 years got an opportunity to work an an engineer in the USA for 2 years. 1997 .He established Gim techonlogy in the USA, serving a number of high -teach companys mostly in silicon valley.and he was accumulating a wealth of CNC kinds of parts machining experience. In 2005 ,In order to create more profits and saving our customers. He come back to china to creare asia american (AA) at AA he have been focused on high -teach machining sercices severals years. we have served many world -famous brand for long periods of time. 2017 years,we were honored to become a supplier of bosch .we have the ability to provide your company high quality CNC machining services with reasonable prices.

Our Asia America CNC machining part factory located in the DongGuan town WangNiuDun China,our company Original USA GIM Technology Co., Ltd,all the time CNC machining services for silicon valley company kinds of machine CNC part. General manager Feng, Chinese American people, plans to establish a factory in GuangDong when the china open to all the world policy. 2005 years Asia America was founded to create high CNC machining services. When the china open to world , china fill with the large challenge that Science and technology are constantly improving and the manufacturing industry is constantly upgrading .CNC machining talent people come from the university can satisfy the company long time development.As an entrepreneur and this sprint is keep first that lasting create profits and save the CNC machining part cost. Know more about us Here we can watch the Asia America factory with 12000 squares and 300 sets CNC machining machine including the CNC mill machining and turn machining.all of machine come from  the USA and Japan .we can complete the different industry 2D contour lathe and 3D surface high rough finish machining CNC part.we have the Strong CNC part design and CNC CAM team total 180 employee..such as complete 5 axis mill machining services. know more CNC machining information